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Seasonal Roof Maintenance 101 For New Yorkers

Maintenance plays a vital role in keeping your property in good condition. The roof is that place of a house which needs frequent inspections to head off expensive repairs. Professionals recommend performing your roof inspection every three months. Regular inspection and roof maintenance is the key to the long life of your roof. All roofs are vulnerable to damages, but the major cause of roof deterioration is poor weather conditions such as tornado, hail, high winds, rain, and snow.

Either in early spring or late fall you must spend some time with the task to clean your roof. Inspect your chimneys, flashlights, shingles, vent pipes and gutters and you may find broken shingles, damaged chimney caps or moss growing. Catch the little things as soon as possible to avoid expensive repairs. Take the opportunity to walk around your house and look for the apparent signs of damage.

Each season has its challenges so it is vital to make sure that your roof is well maintained throughout the year. The most obvious weather attack is the winter storm which can blow off shingles, tiles and slates. Ice is another alarming threat in winter. If the swing between daytime and night time temperatures are big then it will create stress on the roof.

Benefits of roof maintenance:

The roof may deteriorate over time because of its regular exposure to different elements. The following roof maintenance benefits will encourage you to perform regular inspections.

  • Assessing the problems earlier is the best approach in extending the life span of your roof. You won’t need to replace it for years. One most obvious benefit of roof cleaning is that it maintains your house value.
  • Everyone wants to be safe and a well maintained roof offers protection to people. Negligence in roof maintenance will encourage the growth of toxic substance which may have a negative impact on your life.
  • Another reason for spending time and money on roof maintenance is that you want to prolong the life of your roof. Seasonal inspection, cleaning and repairing make your roof more durable. And you do not need to install a new roof often.
  • Most manufacturers make it clear that a lack of proper maintenance will reject a given warranty. By keeping your roof well maintained it will make it look new all the time and add a curb appeal. On time repairing will even add the value of your property.  So proper maintenance and repair will keep warranties valid and good roof performance.
  • Proper maintenance of the roof also increases the power efficiency of your home by controlling heat loss.
  • Regular maintenance also makes it possible to avoid roof leaks before they will cause damage.
  • Small amount of money spent on roof inspection and maintenance will save you from an unexpected costly repair.

General roof maintenance, cleaning and minor roof repairs are easy to perform for the home-owner. If you feel hesitant to climb up the roof call a pro and avoid those big future expenses.

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