Want To Preserve Your Slate Roof? Follow These Tips

The significance of a high quality roofing system cannot be undermined. A superior, robust roof can substantially enhance the value of your property.

Slate is one such roofing system that combines aesthetics with practicality, at a reasonable cost. It is the preferred choice of many due to its natural beauty and distinctive appeal. Available in an array of colors, sizes and textures, slate shingles can also be custom made to meet varying tastes and needs.

In addition, slate roof is fireproof and waterproof, and can last for a long time – if properly maintained.  Regular maintenance can make your slate roofing system last for years. Here are a few simple ways to make this happen:

Avoid walking on your roof

Slate roof installation and repair requires extreme care. Avoid walking on it. Thin slate shingles may crack or break because of your weight. Call in the experts to handle your roofing system.

Once a slate tile is broken, repairs will cost you. In case you can’t find matching tiles, you might have to replace the roof itself.

Inspect your roof

Assess your roof regularly. You should aim to inspect it at least twice a year. The sooner you detect a broken, missing, misaligned or cracked tile, the better chance you have of repairing your roof.  Broken slates also cause water leakage, thereby causing damage to your interior.

While DIY inspection is possible, it can be risky. What if you fall off the roof? Not to mention, slate roof is delicate and should be inspected with caution.

Your best bet is to contact a roofing company for inspection.

If you insist on a DIY inspection, make sure you are wearing soft-soled shoes. Moreover, attach the ladder onto the edge of the roof. This will keep your weight off the roof surface. Don’t walk on the roof.

You can also tap the slate with your knuckles.  A deep sound indicates that the slate is in good condition.

Focus on specific points

Inspect the attic before you assess your home’s exterior.

Make sure you have a flashlight with you. Look out for water stains on the roof structure.

Similarly, replace the slates if they appear a bit powdery. This usually indicates that the tiles have deteriorated.

Keep an eye on flashings

Roof flashing wears out quickly and require frequent replacement. The slates have to be removed in order to take out the broken flashing.

Check for damaged, loose, and missing flashings.

If you need to replace the sheathing, do consult a roofing contractor. This is because not all sheathing materials are created equally. A roofing contractor can help you choose the right one for your home.

Clean the gutter system

Get rid of debris, dirt, leaves and other waste from gutters, especially after a heavy downpour. It is crucial to remove any obstructions.

Similarly, clean debris from the roof before winter to avoid the formation of ice. Ice can damage slate tiles. Avoid using a hammer to get rid of ice. You don’t want to cause any damage to the slates.

Install a heating cable along the gutter and eaves to deal with this issue.

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