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5 Signs You Need Siding Replacement

September 27, 2016
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Owning a home is one thing; but, keeping it up-to-date with repairs and fixes is difficult. Over time, changes in weather and aging of roofing materials can make the house look older than it really is.

Do you know what place shows the first signs of aging? The exterior siding. It cracks, gets bubbled and even breaks, giving your house a weathered look.

Damaged siding can also allow water to seep in and drip over your furniture. That’s why we recommend replacing the siding as soon as it starts showing cracks. But without the cracks, how do you know if it’s damaged? Here’s how:

1.    Aging and deterioration

You can find numerous signs of aging. These depend on the material used and if siding has been maintained. For instance, excess sunlight exposure may damage vinyl siding. Wood siding may rot with time and begin to deteriorate. Most forms of damage give a wavy, warped or uneven appearance.

2.    Fading paint

Paint makes the siding look attractive; it also enhances its performance and makes it last longer. How long the paint lasts depends on the number of coatings and quality of the product used.

Fading spots are a sign of siding damage. Vinyl sidings usually don’t need to be repainted. However, proper maintenance is necessary to make it last longer. If done right, paint lasts for at least two years on wood siding.

3.    Rusty or missing nails

Another sign of damaged siding is missing or rusty nail heads. Nails, with its heads out a bit, shows that the roof is expanding or contracting.

Missing nails indicate that there’s a danger of collapse. Rusty and missing nails also indicate moisture damage. If that is the case, you’ll find water streaks on the siding. To decrease these chances, stainless steel nails should be used.

4.    Rotten or moldy appearance

Both, rot and mold, show that water is seeping in. This indicates that the siding is not performing its function because it’s damaged. Some households may have mold growing on the interior walls even when it’s not visible. A musty smell is a tell-tale sign. You may also not find wood rot, so be careful while inspecting the siding for damage.

5.    Water stains

Signs of water running indicate seepage through the siding. This damage doesn’t remain outside; it’s probably affecting your house’s interior walls too. You can easily detect stains if there is discoloration.

With these signs showing up, you shouldn’t delay siding replacement. Call our Brooklyn roofers today at (646)-838-0441 to get it fixed. Our Brooklyn roofing company specializes in siding renovation.

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