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Advantages Of Flat Roofing You Never Heard Of

May 12, 2019
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Many factories and industries have adopted the flat roofing technique because not only is it very economical to construct, but it serves alternate purposes as well. For example, network/communication companies tend to put communication towers and service providers/receptors on their roofs. This gives a great height advantage for service reception and also helps to decongest the interior of the company for extra machineries and equipments. Power cells and solar panels also get a great view and position from the sun due to the lack of angle on the roof, so regardless if the sun is due east or west, there will always be an optimum contact with your environmentally friendly roof.


In some areas around the Middle East and Persian Gulf regions, many constructors have adopted the flat roofing system. This is owed to the fact that most countries across this region have a history of very hot periods and heat waves. Here, because flat roofing is usually done with bare concrete, it acts as an efficient thermal absorber for the interior of the buildings, which causes little or no thermal radiation in houses, thereby keeping the interior cool. In some occasions, flat roofing gives an incredible overview above a building, and most people decide to take advantage of this and use it as a sort of sight-spot, to further admire the horizons and scenery.


Flat roofs also serve another great advantage which is as a means of advertisement. Large posts and billboards are usually hung vertically above flat roofs to give better views to citizens or passer-by who might be interested in the product or service being proposed. Most times, during political campaign periods, political campaign parties tend to promote their chosen candidate for a particular branch in office on billboards on flat roofs, to give citizens an idea on who the candidate is, and create awareness on what he might or might not be capable of if elected. Flat roofs are also used as a form of mass scheduling, as various programs and occasions are announced through them, which bears the date, time, and actual location which the events will hold or aired.


Although these are on very rare cases, some specific buildings, be it a hotel, living space, or night clubs, which have flat roofs are often seen as great mediums for pulling off mass performances, due to the lack of auditoriums or thereof. This is more of a public performance to please the crowd, as there won’t be any sort of restriction or monetary requirement before experiencing such a spectacle, owing to the lack of boundaries or walls between performing area and the open city. Most times, artists make such performances on the basis of gigs from a specific employee who seeks to promote his franchise, or might actually be done for free if they aim to promote their label/band.

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