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Best Solar Powered Roof Vents: Are Solar Powered Roof Vents Worth It?

June 14, 2022
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Solar powered roof vents are also called solar attic fans. They are fixed at the roof of a building or the attic area of a house to help reduce humid air circulating the house. This is mostly done in summer, because of the hot and moist air that it comes along with. Solar attic fans are a necessity for easy ventilation of cool air in the home during summer and to enjoy comfort by its residents.

Solar powered roof vents mostly located at the attic area of the home is powered by the sun and it drags strong heated air out of your home’s attic. Then it replaces it with cool air from the outside. This lessens the quantity of job carried out by your HVAC system that is concerned with cooling your upstairs living area.

A solar powered attic ventilation system helps to guard your insulation and roof systems, while giving more and better ease to your home. It is less noisy, and it is more effective, offers excellent service than a quality wind-powered ventilator. It also has great airflow capacity which enables better efficiency in home ventilation. Ensure that you call on a professional to install your solar powered roof vent this summer.

There are a number of solar powered roof vents. They are excellently made and come with great power and warranty. Choosing a great solar roof vent for your home this summer may be a bit hectic for you as they are great ones out there. We will look at and compare the top six best solar roof vent. This will aid you make an excellent choice and you will know if it is worth it installing a solar powered roof vent in your home.

Remington Solar Powered Attic Vent/Fan

The Remington solar attic fan is made of steel which makes it durable and affordable. It is brilliantly crafted and once you set your eyes on it, you will love it. It comes in black and grey colors which makes you pick your preference. The 20 watts power will be the best for greenhouses, residential homes, and medium-sized attics. Its fan speed is 1280 CFM which is able to handle cheaply a large area of 2000sqft. It comes in other watt powers of 25 and 30 watts. Other distinct features include:

  • Thermostat and humidistat (built-in)
  • Brushless motor
  • 15-year replaceable guaranty.

Natural Light Solar Powered Attic Vent/Fan

This is the most loved attic vent that is roof-mounted. Its appearance is stylish and aesthetic that is made with standard material. The stainless steel provides a long-life span and high durability to the fan. This takes away any doubts or fears concerning tough weather conditions. The high torque power of 48 watts is awesome and does not need much energy. The power gives 1881 CFM of vending ability which covers a wide attic area of 2,825sq ft.

Additional standard features are:

  • Classy style and aesthetic
  • 25 years warranty period
  • 48 watts power.

Amtrak Solar Powered Attic Vent/Fan

The Amtrak solar attic fan is the best if you are looking out for a standard product that is budget friendly. It is almost impossible to pass by this solar fan as it comes with strong blades that are 14-inches medium sized, easy to install, and a good power of 50 watts. The power covers a wide area of 2250sq ft. you also get to receive a special package with this product of installation materials which are brackets and wires. This even reduces the cost for you.

More exceptional features include:

  • It is budget-friendly
  • 25 years warranty
  • Exceptional 50 watts power motor.

Quiet Cool Solar Powered Attic Vent/Fan

The magnificent about this solar fan is the AC/DC inverter. The AC inverter can be used as a secondary power source in low sunlight and summer nights weather. The DC inverter functions very well with sunlight although in all weather, it does not give the same performance. It has a high fan speed of 1486 CFM while the solar panel is in use. With any AC power, the 1320 CFM will function well.

The fan is made of complete metal body that makes it heavy and gives long-life to it. Also, note that the weight of the fan does not lead to any problems.

Additional features are:

  • 30 watts power motor
  • It takes little effort to install
  • 15 years warranty period.

Blaster Solar Powered Attic Vent/Fan

This solar attic vent is quite different from the rest. It comes with a low power production of 3 watts. As a result, a lot of the fans must be fixed to do the work of full ventilation in the attic and the entire home. Its coverage area is about 600sq ft for each attic fan with this power production. It has a heavy-weight metal standard built-in that protects the fan from destruction in harsh weather conditions.

More features include:

  • Motor noise is zero
  • Budget-friendly
  • 25 years warranty.

Eco-worthy Solar Powered Attic Vent/Fan

This is another budget pick solar attic vent. It is the most preferred if you are on a low budget and looking for a standard and excellent solar attic vent. Although it comes with a low motor voltage of only 4v, it functions effectively. The temperature is the same in low sunlight conditions.

The fan speed is 1200 CFM and 25 watts power. This is great for small and medium-sized garages or attics.

Other features are:

  • Wall-mounted solar and easy to install
  • 25-45 degrees adjustable panel
  • Items such as brackets and cables comes with the package.

These are the top best solar panels available. They offer comfort and are void of damages and hurt. The need and importance of a solar-powered roof vent in an attic and home cannot be overemphasized. This summer season demands that if you desire a home and environment filled with fresh air that brings tranquility, you install a solar roof vent. NY Roofing is here to assist you to not only pick the best solar attic fan, but to also install it.

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