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Cool Roofing: Why Is It The Future For Energy Savings

June 23, 2020
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As the general population becomes more conscious of the environment, they also look for ways to save money. It is not always the case that the best environmentally friendly action is also cost savings. Cool Roofing is one of the scenarios in which you can do both, at the same time.

Cool Roofing is a term used for different products and practices that attempted to reduce the heat levels that are transferred through the roof. The design of modern architecture and roofs is a double edge sword.

One, the roof protects the interior of the home.

Two, it is always exposed to direct sunlight, which raises the temperature of the home in general.

This increases the electrical bill, sometimes significantly. New roofs we know are better insulated so simply having a new roof can help insulate your home as well. New York City roofing contractors can offer multiple cold roof solutions. We have compiled a short summary of the most common cool roofs on the market. 

White Roofs

In cities like New York City where many roofs are flat roofs, white paint overlay is an easy and cost-effective method to cool your roof. White paint (or any lighter colors) has been used for thousands of years particularly in the Mediterranean area to help keep their houses cooler. Today it is just as effective and some studies demonstrate that over 70% of the sunlight is reflected. This means that less heat is able to penetrate the roof preventing the home from warming and increasing your cooling costs.

Solar Panels

While not as inexpensive as white paints, solar panels are an extremely effective way of cooling your roof. This technique works from two angles, it creates a buffer layer (the panels) to the roof, and it converts that sunlight into usable electricity. So the heat and sunlight that was previously increasing your utility bills is now offsetting the costs and reducing it.

Metal Roofs

Metals roofs are another excellent way to cool down your roof and save costs. Some metal roofing materials can last up to 30 years more than shingles or other competitors, saving you money on replacement and repair costs. But also producing far less waste and chemicals. At first thought, it might not seem that metal can be more energy-efficient, but metals are excellent at absorbing heat, preventing it from passing through into the home. Also because of the structure and nature of metal, over 80% of the heat is reflected back into the environment and can save you almost half on your utility bills.

Top-rated roofing companies offer free quotes on each cool roofing option. Now that summer is upon us, lowering your utility bill should be a top priority.


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