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Dealing With A Roofer From Invite To Quote

July 24, 2019
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There’s nothing as pertinent in the home as the roofing. Whereas we always have an option in other aspects of home maintenance, we definitely have less when it comes to roofing. It is therefore quintessential to go for the best roofer when embarking on roof repairs. Albeit, getting a well-qualified roofer can be a daunting task, the tip is never be rushed into choosing a roofer, you will need not just the best roofer, but qualified and professional roofers as hiring the opposite could just lead to mayhem and more costs.

Aside from your roofing playing a big role in providing comfort, the structural integrity, and the resale value of your home, roofing ranks among the largest and most expensive projects a homeowner can undertake. So instead of settling for just any roofer that comes along, make a conscious effort to interview every potential roofer.  You can start by getting to know that the prospective roofer is licensed to carry out roofing work in your state or province. Also, try getting a referral from a previous home or business owners who have secured the roofer’s services in the past. No doubt, roofing repairs could be costly; nevertheless, a brand new roof is a significant investment. Go for a roofer with a strong reputation, who you can expect them not only to get the job done on time and on a budget but also to offer valuable insight on the best materials for your house style and the climate where you live. Also, before sealing off any agreement, ensure that the formal contract and all other necessary paperwork meets your approval before signing off and getting the project underway.

It is advisable to always keep in touch with the roofer who has the best mix of value and knowledge and with whom you feel most comfortable. Below are qualities to look forward to in a roofer, or if I should rephrase, a quality that every roofer that is good at his job must possess.

Qualities Of A Good Roofer

Attention to details

A good roofer will always have a knack for gathering as many details as available in regards to the home to be roofed. A good roofer is not just concerned with how the roof material will influence the home appearance but goes to the end of guaranteeing the efficiency of the roof material. Roofing contractors who are only open to providing one-size-fits-all options should therefore never be a go.

Customer Friendly

One of the outstanding qualities that should be embraced by every roofer is to develop the ability to flow easily with the clients. As a roofer, always strive to ensure you strike a good relationship with your customers for posterity sake. Not just for the future, your ability to communicate very fluently with your customers is beneficial in cases where the project is expected to be completed within a specific time frame and most importantly, it guarantees ease of dealing with any potential threat that may arise in the course of roofing provided there’s an understanding between you the roofer and your client.


One of the sought after traits in roofers is flexibility. Things might just deviate a little from the initial plans; the ability of the roofer to easily adjust to such changes and make the best out of the situation is a great strength. Flexibility also implies that as a roofer, you are not just good with the flat roofing style, but also exceptional with peaks and angle roofing styles.


Every roofer should have safety at the forefront of his mind. There are many rules and regulation, and numerous modern safety technologies out there in recent times. Strictly adhering to those conventions should be a choice of every roofer.

What You Should Require From Your Potential Roofer

In choosing a potential roofer, below are what you ought to look out for in your roofer.


A license is valid proof of the expertise of the roofer. As such, a qualified roofer must have a license. However, bear it in mind that different states require different licenses for roofers. Always endeavor to check if the roofer’s license tallies with that of the state or province and also, check the validity of the license even before hiring them. The possession of a license by your potential roofer is a guarantee of the state’s protection and back up should there be any mishap.


Your home is one of your priceless possession. Any roofer that is to work on your home must have an insured roofing company that he is affiliated to. Having general liability insurance now protects your home in case of any mishap. The liability insurance frees you from being responsible for unnecessary bills that may arise from the consequences of an accident. It guarantees that other people working on your home are accountable for everything they do.

Check for referral

Any reliable or trustworthy roofer must have a very strong base of referrals. Also, these referrals must be easily accessible. Check their online roofing reviews before you even proceed to speaking with them. You can as well take note of all the referrals, reach out to them and see the roofing jobs done by the roofer. You might as well carry out extra inquiries as pertaining to the roofer’s attitude to work and the customer’s satisfaction to the work done, both in the style of execution, time and professionalism.  Also, these referrals can be obtained easily over the internet. Information gathered from these referrals shows you the closest picture of what your experience might be with the roofer in question, and you can always rely on these contacts to give you honest feedback.

Get the quotation

It is wise to obtain as much quotation as possible from every potential roofer. After the roofer must have carried out an inspection on the home, you are to ask him to provide you with a quotation of the total costs that are likely to be incurred. This cost ranges from the actual cost of material to the overhead cost such as cost applicable in removing the old roof, cost on a new installation, and any extra cost related to miscellaneous.

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