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Flat Roofs: A Popular Choice For Commercial Facilities

January 3, 2017
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Choosing the right roofing material and design is important for both residential and commercial properties.

However, this rings especially true for commercial properties because of their large roofs and potential monetary consequences of installing the wrong type.

From restaurants to retail stores, a number of commercial facilities prefer flat roofs. Compared to pitched and sloped roofing options, flat roofs are more practical for commercial properties.

While you may think that a flat roof will mean improper drainage of water, the truth is far from this.

Flat roofs aren’t really flat, per se. They have a very low, almost invisible, slope. This allows standing water to drain and prevent roof damage.

Here are a few other reasons why these roofs are preferred for commercial buildings.

1. Affordability

Think about how large a commercial roof is and how much material will be needed to create an average slope; this is what makes flat roofs a more affordable and cost-effective option.

Along with the reduced cost of roofing material, the cost of labor for installation decreases too. It is because these are less labor intensive and can be installed quickly.

For a large enough roof, you can save hundreds of dollars by opting for a flat roof.

2. Clean and professional design

When you enter a retail store, you hardly notice its roof. That is the point! While residential roofs are designed to add an aesthetic appeal, commercial roofs only have a practical function.

Flat roofs can effectively protect a building’s architecture from external damage for a long term.

3. Easier access and inspection 

Imagine climbing a sloped roof of a house. Now think about a bigger sloped roof; you can tell how difficult it could be to access such a roof!

Commercial roofs must be inspected routinely to avoid damage. This helps prevent roofing problems, including puncture, blistering and leaks. The easier it is to access the roof for inspecting and maintenance personnel, the longer your roof will perform.

4. Low maintenance

Slopes are rather challenging to maintain and fix. With flat roofs, minor damages can be easily caught and fixed in time. This makes it easy to take common maintenance steps, such as sweeping away debris to prevent ponding.

Moisture is a major problem for commercial roofs. An intelligently designed commercial roof will have a number of strategies to deal with moisture problems, and prevent it from seeping into the structure.

5. Wind resistance

Sloped roofing designs make it more difficult to resist high winds. With flat designs, your roof will be protected against wind and possible cracking or uplifting issues.

At NY Roofing, we specialize in several flat roofing materials. We know how to install flat rubber roofing the right way! Call our New York roofing contractors at (646)-838-0441 for more information and service requests.

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