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How Seamless Gutters Can Keep Your House Safe

July 27, 2016
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Seamless gutters are an integral part of a home. A well-functioning gutter system diverts rain and melting snow from the roof and protects the whole home from water damage.

To put it simply, every home needs a rain gutter system. Its installation is one of the most significant investments that homeowners can make in order to protect their property.

Here are the main advantages of seamless gutters:

They Prevent roof damage

The secret to a proper functioning roof is a well-maintained rain gutter. Seamless gutters keep the roofing system in a good condition.

If a rain gutter is clogged, broken or missing, water (from a heavy downpour or melted snow) is likely to accumulate on the flat areas of the roof. This may harm the shingles, and as a result, cause interior leaks.

Safeguards a home’s foundation

Any sort of damage to a house’s roof is likely to ruin its foundation. Foundation damage is a serious issue that most homeowners face. Repairing the foundation is time-consuming and expensive. Sometimes, the damage done may be irrevocable.

It’s critical to install a seamless aluminum gutter system to preserve your house’s foundation. Otherwise, rainwater will flow directly toward the foundation.

Protects wood from water damage

There’s no denying that wood is attractive and functional. But wood is highly susceptible to water damage. So, if you have wooden doors, furniture or anything else, it’s a good idea to invest in a high quality rain gutter.

Keeps water out of basement

Clogged or broken aluminum gutters may cause basement leaks. Excessive water in the basement is difficult to clean. Moreover, it triggers the growth of mold, thereby putting your family’s health at risk.

Keeps the house exterior clean

It’s common for homeowners to get their homes painted after the rainy season. This is because rainwater consists of a considerable quantity of debris and dirt, which can ruin a house’s exterior.

A gutter ensures that rainwater flows through it, without staining the exterior of your home. You won’t have to spend money on scrubbing or cleaning your property.

Signs you need gutter repair and replacement

  • Inspect the condition of the seamless aluminum gutter for wear and tear. Look out for holes, cracks, rusts, etc.
  • Check out your basement. If you notice any signs of mold, examine your gutters immediately.
  • Although there are various reasons for foundation cracks, don’t rule out gutter problems.
  • Sagging or blocked gutters.
  • Standing water or puddles of water close to the side of your property.

Gutter repair or replacement isn’t a big deal; only if you let the experts handle it. If you need help with gutter inspection, repair or replacement, call us at (646)-838-0441. We offer a full range of seamless aluminum gutter and roofing services in New York.

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