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How To Decide On The Best Roofing Material

April 10, 2019
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What should you be looking for when choosing roofing material? Well, there are a lot of options when it comes to roofing materials, so how should you choose one? This is the question to study as you get ready to install a new roof on your new construction project or are just thinking of replacing the old roof in your building.

The old roofing options

Some roofing materials have been around for centuries, and they are really good. Hence they are still in use today and are still considered very good contemporary roofing options. Wooden shakes, metal plates, slate, clay tiles and asphalt are among them. They have been used for many years, and still continue to be people’s favorites for many types of structures.

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The new roofing options

With advancing technology coming to inventions of roofing materials which would last longer, stay fresh in look, look versatile, easy installation, and also needs low maintenance, some new roofing materials have been designed. They are made from asphalt-fiberglass, plastic polymers, fiber cement, and concrete.

Some of the things to consider while you are planning the new roof are:

  • Slope of the roof must be seen. Some materials are better for steeper slopes and some are good for gentle slopes or flat roofs.
  • How much the roof would be a barrier to weather and natural elements.
  • Appearance of the roof and how it contributes to the aesthetic beauty of the property
  • Costing of the material- if it fits into your budget easily, with some adjustment, or does not fit at all
  • Think about roof longevity. Think about spending money on a material which would last longer, even if its high priced than some of the contemporary low priced items which are not much durable.
  • You will have to think about installation too. How seamless the installation would be, and how fast or time taking it would be has to be counted.
  • Look for the fire rating, which indicates how much fire retardant the roofing material would be.

When you compare al the common roofing materials as per the above points, you would get a clearer picture that which one is right for you.

Concluding notes

Roofing is a big decision. The better you decide now and invest accordingly, the better you would reap the results. It takes some good expense to build a good sturdy roof. But then if it’s made of quality material, it surely would last for a lifetime, and would not demand recurring expense from you.

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