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Kinds of Wood Shingles and Their Benefits

September 30, 2020
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Shingles made of asphalt are always the common option for homeowners and roofers alike. The popularity of asphalt shingles has brought about so much neglect for other types of roofing shingles, such as wood. That being said, this article should help expose the potential of wood shingles and why homeowners should consider them instead of asphalt shingles.

Roofing is very important to give home protection and shape. For homes in every unique area and atmosphere, wood shingles give beauty, strength, and security from rain, wind, and various weather conditions.

A homeowner may decide to go for one sort of wood roofing shingle for one reason or the other. Few people may prefer the all-American style of cedar shingles, while others may favor the more intriguing design the wallaba shingles can add to a home. Regardless of whether a homeowner decides to go for a diamond-shaped, octagonal, or wavy shingles, there's no denying the quality wood shingles bring to a home. Indeed, properties outfitted with wood shingles, for the most part, have huge commercial value since wood roofing lasts for a long time with little support. You can discover more about the history, application, and preservation of wooden shingles.

We will be listing the different types of wood shingles and their numerous benefits;


Gotten From the pedigree of Lamiaceae, Teak wood Is local To Southeast Asia, and It's Utilized in Everything from Turnings to Decorations. Below, we will be explaining other benefits teak shingles have, which will make it a suitable option for roofing.


  • Water resistance:

Because of this particular characteristic, teak shingles are best for homes situated in districts where a storm is common. Teak never soaks and generally stays impenetrable regardless of the period of exposure to heavy rain and sunlight. Also, teak shingles are resistant to the buildup of mold and parasites.

  • Rigidity:

Teak is both solid and adaptable, making it a dependable wood for roofing. It is also a simple material to use for an assortment of lodging plans. Teak requires little support because of its robust nature. Because of this, when teak shingles are introduced on a roof, all they need is an occasional cleaning to remain in perfect condition for the supposed period of use. Teak lasts up to 80 years plus, especially when checked frequently.

  • Valuation:

Of the various types of wood shingles available, teak shingles aren't the least expensive, yet their strength makes them a necessary venture as time goes on. On account of the smoothness and straightforwardness of teak shingles, they're among the simplest sorts of wood shingles to introduce on rooftops.


Gotten from a tree local to the U.S. Pacific Northwest, cedar is known for its quality, adaptability, and resistance to climatic changes. These characteristics make cedar ideal for roofing. Overall, cedar trees can grow up to a height of 50 meters, which helps to justify the toughness of the wood. Cedar is popular among producers of acoustic guitars because of its strength. These are the benefits cedar shingles provides to its user. The other benefits below should be enough to convince a homeowner to go for one.


  • Insulation:

Cedar is probably the best wood for home building. The insulating characteristic of cedar makes it one of the best materials for homes in atmospheres that bring about blistering summers and cold winters. During summer months, cedar shields the outside humid temperature from getting inside. Similarly, the insulation properties of cedar keep families warm when it's cold outside. Also, cedar permits homeowners to save up on warming and cooling expenses.

  • Resistant to Temperature:

Cedar can likewise withstand a tremendous scope of climate conditions, including snowstorms and wind storms. Cedar shingles are generally against the development of mold and fungi. Additionally, cedar can be upgraded to oppose fire and organism growth. If you choose to, you can learn more about other viable roofing options for extreme weather.


Gotten from the tropical backwoods of South America, wallaba is an earthy colored wood that has been utilized for shingles on homes all through the Caribbean for over a century. Wallaba shingles are generally known for their ability to repel bugs and climate conditions. That being said, assortments of wood shingles made of wallaba are utilized worldwide to roof open structures, private properties, and estates. In the U.S., just like everywhere else, wallaba shingles are favored by numerous homeowners for the following benefits, which we will be listed below.


  • Beautiful Looking:

From a style-related view, wallaba shingles are an incredibly satisfying decision for roofs of different shapes. Through the span of its long life, wallaba wood changes gradually from brown colored to dark ash. However, it keeps up its resistance to climate change. As the wood ages, it will look more polished. This condition will help to keeps homes cool in the sweltering climate. Indeed, even as home structures change with every time, wallaba maintains an attractive nature that keeps homes from different periods valuable in real estate.

  • Ecologically Dependable:

Wallaba shingles do not require treatment of any kind. Because of the common properties of the wood, no synthetics are expected to make wallaba viable for wood roofing in central or colder atmospheres. The exudates and resins of wallaba give the wood the ability to repel bugs, corrosion, fire, and mold. Moreover, wallaba deteriorates easily once disposed of, and it presents no environmental risks in the future.


All the wood shingles listed above have more benefits than mentioned. With so much explanation given, you might have a change of heart towards using such shingles for your roofing project. If you decide to go ahead with using wood shingles, you can call us to get them installed perfectly. Visit us at 553 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 (646)-838-0441 for more info.

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