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Possibility Of Changing A Flat Roof To A Pitched Roof

November 14, 2021
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A flat roofing system, while it's a splendid roofing design of choice by many, it can come with its fair share of challenges. And if you want to dodge all of these flat roof problems, going for a pitched roof may seem the solution. But how can you go about that? Is it possible to achieve that without affecting the structural integrity of your home negatively?

While the answer to the questions above is a resounding yes, achieving success depends heavily on some factors.

Getting The Right Roofing Contractor

Employing the right roofing contractor is essential if you want to replace your flat roof with a pitched roof. It's your duty to find and employ a roofing contractor that will skillfully choose the right pitched roof and install it appropriately.

This is significant because the durability and effectiveness of a roof are controlled by the kind of material used and the method used for installing it. Getting experienced and certified roofing contractors like NY Roofing and with suitable roofing materials, all you have to do is watch and see your home transform into a more appealing edifice.

Roof Replacement And Home Value

In case you are thinking about changing your rooftop so you can raise the worth of your home, remember that the worth of your home will increase by 1/2 of the roof expenses and replacement. This is good if you want to sell off your home probably, 1- 3 months after the installation. But it's a bad idea if you think of selling your home in the next 7 - 10 years. The truth is, the value will decrease, which won't cover the expenses you spent on the project. In this regard, let's look at suitable reasons you can change your flat roof to a pitched roof

 Why You Should  Convert Your Flat Roof To A Pitched Roof

There are many reasons for you to consider changing your flat roof to a pitched roof. Sometimes, you want to change your roof because you hear the squeaking of your roof rafters, which was caused by unstructured latches not properly fastened by nails and screws

A pitched roof change, if done appropriately, will disseminate weight and change a shaky rooftop into a reliable roof.

The following are the suitable reasons to convert your flat roof to a pitched roof

Appearance And Aesthetics: Although it's more costly, a pitched roof has a good curb appeal and aesthetics that make your home attractive, which means that they contribute largely to the beauty of your home. If you don't have a problem with cash and you like something attractive and desirable, then you should install a pitched roof.

Protection: Changing your flat roof to a pitched roof brings about more straightforward and more productive protection. It is more practical to protect a pitched rooftop at R40 than to protect a flat roof with even an R19. (Protecting a flat roof hole typically requires eliminating sheetrock or rooftop sheeting.) You can likewise provide the roof deck and roof underlayment waterproofing situation with inflexible protection. However, this gets costlier day by day.

Preventing Fume Drive: Fume drive, which makes dampness structure on the underlayment of a flat roof framework, will not happen with a pitched rooftop because you can make a productive example of a wind stream. Although if the moistness in the house is equivalent to the stickiness outside, fume drive won't be an issue with your flat roof.

Room Opportunities: When you install a pitched roof, you will have the option to create extra rooms or even an additional room in the cavity between the current level and recently pitched rooftop.

Thermal Insulation: Buildings with a pitched roof are approximately 10-15% more minimized than those with a level rooftop. This critical decrease converts into higher warm protection by restricting the size of the surface presented to the exterior part of your building

Longevity And Lifespan: Pitched rooftops have about a 40% longer life than flat roofs. They last between 25-50 years, while a flat roof can last within 15-20 years. However, PVC roofing has broken the jinx by lasting up to 50 years when maintained properly.

Re-installment Cost: Flat roofs are around 10-20% more costly to install than a pitched rooftop (after the change). The layer is more costly to fabricate, just as the requirement for more specific work.

Eventually, it is truly only dependent upon you and your singular circumstance to choose whether a flat rooftop or a pitched rooftop transformation is appropriate for yourself as well as your home.

So, by now, you should know that your flat roof can be converted to a pitched roof. Although it comes with a lot of considerations and inspections, it's still not impossible. In fact, it is possible if you have the right factors in place.

Contact A Professional For A Consultation

As mentioned earlier, the first thing you should plan about and should come to your mind is contacting a roofing contractor for a consultation so you can have clarity of what to choose and how to go about it.

You can contact us for a free quote, consultation, and guide if your house is located in New york. We do both flat and pitched roofs and are knowledgeable about roof replacements and repairs. We are willing to transform your roof and give it the best care it deserves. Visit us at 553 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215 (646)-838-0441



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