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Preventing Tree Debris From Damaging Your Shingle Roof

January 30, 2017
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Shingle roofs are equal parts economical and stylish. A new roof installation gives a rather unique and pristine look.

We know how it feels to have something new in or over your house. You feel safer with a new roof and you’re sure that your family is protected.

However, within a few years, the roof will start appearing dull and dirty. This happens when it is not properly maintained or if dust and debris are not cleared away immediately.

Over the rooftop, the most common form of debris is what we call ‘falling debris’.

What is falling debris?

Falling debris, especially what falls from trees, is a major cause of dirty shingles. From leaves and branches to pine straw and acorn, everything has a risk of falling over your roof, if there are trees near it.

These materials cannot only fall directly on the roof, but are also carried forward by wind or animals such as birds and squirrels.

What are the consequences?

Falling debris have two major consequences. First, it looks extremely bad and gives a worn out or unkempt look. Where shingle roofs are chosen particularly for their aesthetic appeal, debris can take away the modern look.

Second, and a lot more serious, is the risk of damage. Most people can’t understand how leaves and branches can actually damage the roof.

The problem occurs when roof dams are formed and water is prevented from getting drained. Water can backup under the shingles, eventually causing roof leaks.

Furthermore, debris can enter the gutters and pipes responsible for draining water off the roof. It blocks the passage causing the same problem.

What can you do?

Removing debris from time to time will help prevent the problem. This is particularly important after a rainy day or night.

This is very easy to accomplish. You can get rid of the debris by hand as it’s not particularly heavy. However, make sure you have safety equipment when working on the roof top.

Since the debris may be too much to remove by your hand, you can use a blower too. Finally, you can also use a soft brush or a broom. Make sure it doesn’t put too much pressure on the roof surface, and only slightly sweeps the debris off.

If your shingle roof is damaged because of debris related leaks and you’re looking to install a new roof, call our expert roofing contractors at (646)-838-0441. Our Queens and Brooklyn roofing company is sure to offer the best services.

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