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Roof Design— How To Do It Right

November 3, 2016
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The most important element of a house is the roof. A beautifully installed roof can truly change the appearance of the entire house. When looked at from a distance, the roof is the first thing that people notice and it makes up 30% of the house’s appearance after the façade.

Roof designs are quite straightforward. All you need to decide is what roof will enhance the appearance of your house. There are other factors too that can make your Brooklyn roofing an essential part of your house. The wrong roofing will not just distort the appearance of your house, it will also leave your house’s interior vulnerable. Below are some roof design tips that will help you to choose the right roof for your house:

Choosing the Roof’s Style

There are two types of roof styles: Gable and hip. Gable is a two-sided roof where the roof walls fall from a peak on two sides. This kind of roofing is mostly done on classic houses or ancient and historical buildings. On the other hand, hip style is the ultimate modern look. It falls from the top on all sides and gives the house a picture perfect look

Though gable style gives a certain charm to the house, most people go for hip style because along with being design able, it gives the house a safety layer, which protects it in harsh weather conditions.


If you have a single story house, then chances are instead of looking like a house, it looks like a cabin. Original brick color does not always go with the house’s paint. Chose a dark color to give the house an oppressive feeling, it will make the house appear bigger. Choose trim colors on bigger house to give it a bright appearance.

Roof Material

Do you want a Stepford, classic or modern house appearance? From shingles to clay tiles and stone slates, there are various materials available in the market that can transform your house into a work of art. While most people opt for shingles because it is easy to install, there is no harm in shopping for other materials. You just need to have a professional Queens roofing contractor that will do the job with great care.

NY Roofing is a roofing company based in Brooklyn that offers roof installation and repair services. They have a wide range of roof materials and designs available, which you can choose from. For further information about their roofing service, call at (646)-838-0441.

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