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Should You Choose Flat Or Shingle Roofing

November 17, 2018
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The debate

Shingle roofing or Flat roofs? The debate is one every prospective home/building owner in Downtown Brooklyn go over, before most likely opting for flat roofing in the end as the trends over the past have shown. But why has traditional shingle roofing been overshadowed by this other form of roofing? Could there be specific advantages to be gained by opting for this form of roofing, or is it just a trend that’s picked up over the years?

Let’s analyze.

Why flat roofing is all the rage

Giving the trend some credit, flat roofing does have some advantages that could be particularly useful in an area like downtown. For one, they’re easier and cheaper to install, meaning they’re a far more attractive option for people looking to save on their budget anywhere possible. And considering the rising cost of living in Downtown Brooklyn, I’d imagine there’d be a lot of people willing to opt for flat roofs just because of its low cost. But that’s ignoring the other major benefit of flat roofing; since flat roofs are easier to climb, they can be transformed into semi-interior spaces where one can set up all kinds of things, like a roof garden for example, or perhaps a space to fit satellite dishes and air conditioner external units.

Flat roofing has got a lot going for it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect approach. There is a tremendous amount of pros & cons involved in a flat roof.

The sacrifices made for flat roofing

The biggest problem when it comes to flat roofing is by far the drainage issue. Foregoing the slant incline by opting for a flat roof means not gaining the help of gravity in clearing water or snow off of your roof, meaning you’d have to install scupper drains instead. And considering Brooklyn gets a fair amount of rain throughout the year, drainage is an ongoing problem when the scuppers that are supposed to let the water runoff from the large roof get clogged up, an occurrence more frequent than would be convenient. Stagnant water on the roof is bad news since it reduces the life of the roof, meaning you might have to rebuild it a lot sooner than you’d have hoped to, costing you way more than what you’d saved by choosing a flat roof in the first place.

How you should make your decision

People have made flat roofs in Brooklyn work, which means you probably could too. Drainage may mean quite a bit of maintenance and regular inspection to make sure the scuppers aren’t blocked, but depending on your financial situation, the saving s from opting for a flat roof may well be worth it. However, if budget isn’t an issue and you could do without the extra space, then I’d suggest you opt for a shingle roof. Not because it’s the traditional option, but because of the lack of maintenance and an overall longer lifetime of the roof are huge plus points. And let’s be honest, shingle roofs are way better looking than flat roofs will ever be.

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