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The Problems With Flat Roofing

September 30, 2016
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The main purpose of a roof is to protection your house from weather damage. However, a flat roof doesn’t always fulfill its purpose.

Homeowners should be aware of potential roofing options and any problems which may be associated with them.

Every roofing option will have certain positive points and one or two potential problems. But when it comes to flat roofing, there is a large list of problems.

This is because the roofing material can often curl, crack and get damaged more easily on flat roofs. This can result in one or more of the following problems:

1.    Leaks

Leaks are much different with flat roofs. Leaks may occur because different kinds of flat roofs can make contact with flashings. This is especially true for built-up roofs. The problem with some of the membrane roofing options is the seams. Leaks may sit for a while, resulting in extensive roof damage. They can also allow fungus and mold to grow.

2.    Tears and punctures

Punctures and small tears often occur after the flat roof is installed. It follows the addition of air conditioning systems and other similar installations.

The problem may also not be with the roof, but the roofer. This is why you should carefully consider your Brooklyn roofing contractor options to avoid unnecessary damage.

3.    Ponding

Whether you have a rolled roof, a membrane or a reflective coating, problems will occur if there is no significant slope. A flat roof can’t be fully leveled, or water won’t drain off.

Water can’t be allowed to stay. A slope can be created for flat roofs by using a roofing installation. Standing or ponding water along with sun’s ultraviolet rays can create several roofing problems.

4.    Needs a more protective coating

Since most roof coatings have to be reapplied for greater effectiveness, it is a necessary maintenance step. Homeowners must get the application done on time. Ignoring this can result in roof leaks. This will require repairs and might cost more than coatings.

5.    Maintenance

Inadequate maintenance can result in damage for any kind of roof. As a homeowner, you must take responsibility of maintenance tasks.

Keep track of warranties and perform a visual inspection at least twice a year. Examine flashings and look for leaks or blisters.

Timely maintenance can help you catch a roofing problem at the very start. Don’t ignore these problems, and get them fixed soon.

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