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Top 3 Roofing Myths – Busted!

August 1, 2016
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A roofing system is a vital investment for your home. Yet, most people don’t realize the significance of a robust roof. There are many myths about roofing out there, which prevent homeowner from having their roof system replaced.

If you think along the same lines, here are three roofing myths that you need to stop believing:

Myth # 1: Flashings don’t need to be replaced

Roof flashings produce a barrier between the joint and shingles. Even if they seem to be in a good condition, it is crucial to replace shingles regularly.

The fact is that roof flashings undergo a lot of wear and tear. They can loosen, rust or crack over time. Damaged or weak flashing allow water to enter your home.

Therefore, consult roofing contractors to install high quality flashings, and not just when you need to update your existing roof system. Flashing can take a beating any time, especially during heavy rains or snow. Also, try to inspect your roof flashings at least twice a year.

Myth # 2: A rain gutter system is not an essential part of a roof

A well-functioning gutter system is indispensable to divert rainwater away from the roof.

A clogged or broken gutter can cause water leakages into the basement.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to maintain rain gutters in order to protect your property from structural damage. Inspect the gutter system to get rid of dirt and debris. It’s advisable to consult a professional roofing company because DIY gutter cleaning can be dangerous.

Moreover, invest in a new gutter. Tackle gutter problems immediately before it causes damage to your roof.

Myth # 3: A new roof can be installed on the old roof

Although some people think installing a new roof over an existing one saves money and time, they may actually lose a lot of money in long term.

It’s better to remove the old roofing system and start from scratch, especially if the shingles are in bad shape. If they are curled, broken or missing, tear off the existing roof before installing a new one. In case of a leaking roof, you have no choice but to get rid of the old roofing structure to assess the underlying cause of the problem.

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