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What You Should Know About Roofing Estimates And Roofing Quotes

December 1, 2020
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If you are new in the game of roof installation, replacement, or repairs, then I must warn you that the process can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to getting a roofing estimate or quote. To make the process a lot easier for you, it is great that you do your research, especially if you know little or nothing about roofing. When you request a free roofing estimate, you will want to do so with confidence that you know what you are asking for. NY Roofing, your favorite local roofer in NY, is always there to make the process less stressful and even a pleasant adventure for you.

Roofing estimates and roofing quotes can vary widely depending on the roofing contractor you choose. Reviewing each of these quotes and estimates from the contractors is an essential part of every roofing project. Comparing these figures not only gives you the latitude of carefully examining your budget but also allows you to choose the best contractor from the lots and provides more options regarding materials to use and the scope of work — a roof repair or a total roof replacement.

Roof Estimates Is Not Always The Same As Roof Quote

Although the terms roof estimates and quotes are, at most times, used interchangeably, they do not always convey the same thing. A roofing estimate portrays what the roofing contractor believes the roof project will roughly cost. In the end, the actual project may cost a little higher or even lower. It, however, never falls far from the estimate.

A roofing quote is more like an official bid. It is a more professional document that seeks to outline everything about the project. Every detail is expected to be covered here. Once this is signed, it becomes a contract. Call it a roofing proposal. The roofing quote varies from one roofer to another. Some roofers use a one-page quote which they email to prospective clients, while others use computer-templated software.

In general, a roofing estimate and roofing quotes are all a written summation of the scope of your roofing project provided by a roofing contractor.

Can I Carry Out A Roofing Estimate On My Own?

Yes, when armed with the right knowledge, you can estimate the roofing materials on your own. Thanks to free online tools like the roofing calculator, you can determine your project's roof estimate. Regardless of the type of roof you're working on. With this tool, you can get a fair idea of how much it will cost you. However, the key remains that you be as accurate as possible. Any slight mistake on your part will see you spending much more. To avoid all the stress and the "what ifs," it's best to rely on roofing contractors.

Understand Roofing Materials

Finding a comprehensive roofing quote for your roofing project isn't always easy. Let's face it; the words roof and low cost are not the two things you can ever expect to go together. To easily identify a competitive and money value quote when looking for a roofing quote, you need to be well informed. Been well informed can also help you spot an expensive and overpriced quote or estimate. It is always a good idea to get more than one quote. You can get three or more quotes when looking for an estimate for your roof. The more you know about your choices, the better for you, and the easier it will be to get a competitive quote. A good first step would be to understand the types of roofing materials available and how they may affect your roof's cost.

Elements Of A Roofing Quote Or Roofing Estimate

To further drive the point home, to ensure that you're getting the best, get quotes from at least three roofing contractors. And compare what they are offering. For accuracy, a reliable quote or estimate should at least cover some important elements like:

  • Materials
  • Cleanup and Disposal
  • Labor Estimates
  • Time: Start and end dates
  • Permits, Licensing, and Insurance
  • Miscellaneous Project Details

Materials List

The roofing estimate or quote must acknowledge the roofing materials to be used for the project. Details about the types, brands, and even the color of the materials should be properly covered. The list should cover:

  • Shingle types, brand, product line, and color
  • Underlayment, brand, and product line
  • Flashing
  • Ventilation materials

All materials are not the same. Some, such as metal roofs, vary in cost and quality. Be sure that you get the details on all the products down to the nails. Compare brands, sizes, weights, and other significant details that can help you pick the best estimate or quote. Some factors, like roof decking materials and insulation, can substantially change the price of an estimate. Always ask questions. Ask about the manufacturers' warranties on the products and compare them.

Cleanup And Disposal

The best roofing companies like NY Roofing, always clean up after the work is done. You won't love to come back to your new roof and be greeted with a yard littered with discarded materials, from shakes, nails to old felt. To avoid the stress of calling back the installers or arguing with your contractor on who will pay for waste hauling services of construction debris, make sure every quote covers clean up and disposal of all discarded materials.

Labor Estimates

Ask the contractor(s) if they will be assigning professional installers to do the installation or if they will be subcontracting some of the work to temporary laborers.

Permits, License, And Insurance

Most city codes require a permit for any roofing project. Your roofing contractor must be familiar with these laws and have a license, liability insurance, and workers' compensation.

Miscellaneous Project Details

Information about project changes, unexpected repairs, payment terms, and the job's overall cost is to be provided. 

If you have compared quotes or estimates from several contractors and you are still unsure which to go with, check out past clients' reviews. To get an accurate and well-detailed quote for your roof project in NY, then contact us at 553 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 (646)-838-0441 You won't be getting the best quote only, but top-notch installation and repairs services.

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