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Why Summer is the Best Time to Repair Your Roof

May 19, 2016
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Summer is possibly the best of all seasons. From cocktails to barbeques, the season is packed with adventure and enjoyment. But did you know that summer is also the perfect time to start thinking about getting damaged residential roofing systems repaired?

No matter what type of roof it is – flat, clay or asphalt shingle, early summer is an ideal time to call a professional roofing contractor over. Read on to discover why summer is the best time to give your roof a makeover:


In early summer, roofing contractors don’t have to cope with extreme weather conditions – heavy downpour, snowfall, and strong winds. And also, roofing materials, such as asphalt shingle adhesives, work best in a warm environment where the adhesives can properly bond. This increases the likelihood that the roof repair will last for a while. Not to mention, it’s extremely dangerous for contractors to repair a roof in the wet or snow season, for slip and fall reasons. Therefore, take advantage of the good summer weather to get your roof done!


Roof replacement in New York City can be a colossal undertaking. Depending on the complexity of the roofing project, contractors can take anywhere between a few days to a week. They will work nonstop at their pace until the roof is fully repaired. However, in the summer, rainy days or snow fall don’t cause a stop and go workflow, which allows the necessary time for the roof project. Furthermore, you get plenty of summer holidays, including Labour Day, to kickstart the roof repair project.


Many homeowners vacation during the summer months. They also use the time to complete necessary home repairs on their to-do checklist. Consequently, roofing companies are prepared in the summer months with adequate manpower, equipment, and administrative support staff to handle your project.


In a nutshell, if you want an effective roof repair at a price you can afford, the  summer season is the best time to do so. In case you are in New York, you can rely on our Brooklyn-based roofing contractors. Based in Brooklyn, NY Roofing provides swift and smooth roofing repair services across New York.

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