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How to Get the Best Roofing Estimates

Structural exteriors save us from outside elements so it is very important to select high quality material for your roof. But it is not any easy task for homeowners. There are numerous factors to be considered such as cost, your preference, geographical region, design, material durability and the most important is your budget. So knowing […]

Different Type of Flat Roofing: Which should I Choose?

Flat roofing has always been a popular choice and alternative to sloped roofs. There are various advantages for flat roofs and as technology and installation have improved the benefits have grown greater. There was a time when flat roofs had problems with adequate drainage, however this is no longer true as materials and drainage methods […]

Roof Repair 102: The Importance Of Membranes

You would not believe how vital roof maintenance is, especially around the winter. Proper upkeep of your home's exterior will literally decide if your roof can survive a storm or not. Thousands of dollars can be saved if you take the time out to care for your roofing system and gutters. This upkeep will be […]

Roofing Shingles 101: All About Asphalt Shingles

Shingles are one of the widely used, and thus, most manufactured material in the roofing industry. Its popularity is primarily due to the affordability and flexibility of style and color choices. While wood and slate shingles offer a rather unique look to buildings, asphalt shingles take the crown of being the most practical choice. Let’s […]

Preventing Tree Debris From Damaging Your Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are equal parts economical and stylish. A new roof installation gives a rather unique and pristine look. We know how it feels to have something new in or over your house. You feel safer with a new roof and you’re sure that your family is protected. However, within a few years, the roof […]

Flat Roofs: A Popular Choice For Commercial Facilities

Choosing the right roofing material and design is important for both residential and commercial properties. However, this rings especially true for commercial properties because of their large roofs and potential monetary consequences of installing the wrong type. From restaurants to retail stores, a number of commercial facilities prefer flat roofs. Compared to pitched and sloped […]

Budget-friendly roofing options for every homeowner

If you’re a homeowner looking for an affordable roofing material, you’re at the right place! The installation of a roof is a significant financial investment. Although you probably prefer to spend your money on a budget-friendly roofing material, you should never compromise quality over cost. That’s one of the biggest mistakes people make. It’s crucial […]

Roof Design— How To Do It Right

The most important element of a house is the roof. A beautifully installed roof can truly change the appearance of the entire house. When looked at from a distance, the roof is the first thing that people notice and it makes up 30% of the house’s appearance after the façade. Roof designs are quite straightforward. […]

Can Your Roof Withstand Hurricane Winds?

As weather forecasts on the news predict the chance of a hurricane hitting Brooklyn in the next four months, you start packing things for you and your family’s safety. You pack food, water, medical supplies, clothes, etc but what you are forgetting in this hurry is the protection for your house. When the storm will […]

The Problems With Flat Roofing

The main purpose of a roof is to protection your house from weather damage. However, a flat roof doesn’t always fulfill its purpose. Homeowners should be aware of potential roofing options and any problems which may be associated with them. Every roofing option will have certain positive points and one or two potential problems. But […]

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