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Metal Roofing: Tips for Choosing the Best Color for Your Home

August 8, 2020
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Metal roofs may not have as much popularity as shingles, but they are still widely used by many homeowners. Most of the time, metal roofs improve the aesthetics of a house. Metal roofs are also a viable option for regions with extremely high temperatures due to their reflective properties. Also, in most cases, metal roofs have proven to be more durable and rigid than conventional shingles, and thanks to its lengthy lifespan, frequent maintenance isn't essential. It does have its cons, but the pros substantially outweigh it.

While it's a beautiful idea to have a metal roof installed on your house, a lot of considerations have to be made before going ahead with the implementation. One of the crucial and most overlooked decisions is choosing the color of your metal roof. Sure, I mean, it's just color, isn't it? Wrong!

Color of your roof goes a long way to determine the comfort of your home, and lifespan of your roof. While you can say the same for various roofing materials, it's more critical for metal roofs due to metal's high thermal conductivity. Most landlords and homeowners that disregarded the necessity of choosing a viable color option for their roofs ended up bearing the consequences. Some of these consequences might come in the form of constant roof repairs or total renovation. To be able to avoid such, issues such as roof color have to be deliberated upon, putting factors like topography, regional climate conditions, and energy usage into rumination.

Below we would be laying out a few ideas on how to choose metal roof colors accurately, and the benefits of making such choices;

Choosing the Right Roofing Color For Your Home

Due to the flexibility of metal as a roofing material, there is a vast option of colors to select. Regardless of if it's private or commercial property, here are the hints for choosing a suitable roof color;

Optimum Energy Conservation

While it's not the primary thing that rings a bell, the color of your roof affects your home's general energy effectiveness. Lighter colored roofs have preferred intellectual properties over darker ones. A white metal roof is appraised by energy star as a cool roof, which means it very well may be up to 50 degrees cooler than a dim colored roof.

On the off chance that you live in a region with a more sweltering atmosphere, it's ideal for picking a light-colored metal roof. We suggest choosing a light color metal, for example, white or beige for a moderate and present-day request. Different shades, for instance, peach and light green, are brilliant alternatives for mortgage holders who need to add a sprinkle of color to their homes. In the meantime, the individuals who live in colder atmospheres need dull-colored roofs, as they assimilate more warmth and help keep your home warm.

Consider Present Elements in Your Surrounding

Except for organizing a total external reconstruction, you should factor in your home's current segments while picking your roofing color. Start with the perpetual parts, for example, block and stone veneers, and the terrain. These parts are bound to outlive the roof, so it just bodes well to pick a color that fits with them. Siding, trim, and the front entryway likewise tally.

Public properties can be somewhat contrasting, as you may need to pick a color that fits with the organizational marking. Abstain from selecting colors that blend with the remainder of the structure, as it will look insipid. Also that finding the correct shade that blends with the construction will take much more work than it's worth.

Consider Your Neighborhood Patterns

The main thing you should note is the color individuals in your neighborhood have decided for their metal roofing. This consideration will give you a thought of any patterns that are out there, and assist you with narrowing down your inclination.

This option is significant because you need to ensure that whatever color you settle on for your metal roofing suits the zone encompassing your home and neighborhood.

Going For the Optimum Type of Paint

The paint you pick ought to have a treatment with an original acrylic gum that resists UV light. UV beams can be inconvenient to the life span and the color of your roof after some time. Another tip to include an additional layer of insurance to your metal roof is to add paint protective film to seal the color.

Paint determination is as similarly significant as a color choice with regards to metal roofing. Since your roof will be presented to different sorts of climate components, picking top-notch paint is critical to keeping up the same new appearance over the years.

Lastly, Consider Appearance under the Sun

Recall the sun will influence how your roof looks, so it is a smart thought to evaluate your proposed color at various times. What will your roof color resemble in the first part of the day contrasted with early afternoon or sunset? By what method will the color look on a sunny day as opposed to a cloudy day? This difference might be a decent test to decide whether the color you like on the color diagram will look similar to what you will implement on your metal roof.


Remembering the past tips should assist you with seeing how to pick the correct metal roof for your home. In any case, if you are as yet experiencing issues choosing, contact a steel roofing proficient. A specialist's information goes far and will promise you to have an ideal alternative accessible. You can have access to such at NY Roofing, where the most advanced roofing services and structures, as well as vital consultations, are at your disposal. Feel free to reach out to us at 553 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (646)-838-0441 for more regarding our services.

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